Arizona Roots #2019 KATCHAFIRE INTERVIEW!! Q & A from singer/drummer JORDAN BELL!

1. Who are the members?
There is 8 on stage and usually 2 stage crew as part of the touring party

2. What inspired the passions to pursue music?
Well, the way I looked at it from a young age, was that I had only one chance on this earth to do what I really wanted to do! Also, I used to watch my father work his ass off for SFA, and then come home and stress the hell out about not having enough money! So I came to the conclusion that it was better to make enough money to survive doing what I love rather than making enough money to survive doing a job that I hated!

3. Who are some of your personal favorite legends?
There are so many legends it’s hard to sum up in one sentence .
But as part of the spectrum let’s start at Megadeth, it’s a liquor run through to Raphael Siddique and D’Angelo, not to mention Jimi Hendrix Elvis the Toria’s BIG to park and then when you throw a bob Marling in the mix It’s a recipe to catch a fire can cook without eyes closed

4. What is your favorite song to play?
Funky Reggae Party because it’s my big sis fave song…

5. What is your favorite memory from being on tour?
My 26th Birthday at the Whakatane Hotel after a sold old gig

6. What vibe will you bring to the Arizona Roots Festival?
Aotearoa Reggae Vibe…we have a unique reggae sound in the pacific.

7. What words of encouragement do you have for new artists?
Do your practise, do it for the love but be smart about business side of things, do your home work research and make sure your getting a good deal for the stage of development you’re at as an artist . You should be looking to create a team to help develop you as an artist – find that team that cares about your interests and get the bell rolling .

8. Can you tell us about one of your reggae collaborations? Yes we have many one that stands out is a band called Natiroots from Brazil.
They have helped create a great Reggae scene there – we did a song with them, another conscious song.

9. How did the band form?
My dad is the fire starter – he saw that there was no reggae movement happening but a big demand for it. He mined out of our family
Home and started renting an apartment on the Main Street of Hamilton cbd. From the we gained residency at many bars in Hamilton and being so central meant we could walk from our headquarters to pubs and bars near us. Then it was a matter of expansion going national to turn this NZ reggae scene into something of a livelihood. We soon hit Hawaii from the mainland USA to Europe Asia South America & Katchafire became international.

10. If you had one wish what would it be?
It would be having a super hero power one that I could fix the world’s problems so there is no famine no war no global warming. Being able to fix any problems for our small beautiful planet and it’s beautiful people

11. Have you ever visited Rawhide before?
No but this is on my list of To Do’s! I see a lot of people change for the better once they have been there it is an conscious opening experience.

12. When is the new vinyl going to drop?
As soon we call up the vinyl place to place our order ? Nah we working on that newness it’s coming real soon.

13. Tell us about the recently released album Legacy?
It’s been great to have new music out for our fans the release has reinvigorated Katchafire it’s a new chapter in our legacy one that us very exciting for us moving forward .

15. Katchafire is one of my favorite bands. At every show I have seen, every song they sing is a crowd favorite. How does that feel?
That’s a feeling like no other to travel halfway around the world to South America where they speak only their native tongue.
It’s a buzz to see them singing every word.. it’s real humbling.

16. can you tell us a little about the next single/video scheduled for released in January 2019?
There’s one just dropped – it’s the last single from Legacy – Fyah In The Trenches, filmed in Hawaii and Northern California

17. What was your best accomplishment for 2018?
Seeing Our kids grow to become the people we want them to be – that’s the greatest feeling as a parent to see the next generation flourish

Happy Holidays!
To all our fire family we see you out in the world somewhere and we will team up to spread love all day .
Nothing but blessing

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