Goldenvoice presents One Love Cali Fest featuring Bumpin Uglies February 8, 2020 #ugliesnation #Queen Mary #2020

East Coast Ska Punk Reggae group Bumpin Uglies  play early on Saturday February 8, 2020

Our latest release Buzz dropped in March 2019 via Ineffable Records and the hit single Island Time is one of Ineffable’s top tracks on the Spotify editorial playlist Beach Vibes.

The band is currently mixing down their next release, preparing for the 2nd annual Weekend at Wolfie’s 3 day camping festival in June, gearing up for a coast to coast tour as direct support for The Expendables and actively engaging their ridiculously active fan club called Uglies Nation

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Press & Live Photos

12/14/19 – Self Loathing – Live @ Baltimore Soundstage

3/17/19 – All In Stride – Reggae Rise Up – featuring Ted Bowne of Passafire

3/17/19 – End – Reggae Rise Up Sugarshack Stage LIVE

12/6/18 – Nostalgia – Live in Baltimore, MD

11/15/18 – All In Stride – Sugarshack Session LIVE

Radio (official video:

Hard Liquor (official lyric video):

Crazy (official video):


Bumpin Uglies spawned from an Annapolis, MD scene awash in musical history over a decade ago. They are rooted in East Coast ska, punk, and reggae, making their mark up and down the Eastern Seaboard. In the past ten years, Bumpin Uglies have worked to carve out their path by relentlessly touring, and releasing one album after another. With each release came more focus, more creativity and more desire to always experiment and try new things with their music. The band is psyched for their latest EP, Buzz, which released on March 22 via Ineffable Music Group based in Oakland, CA. Ineffable is a name synonymous with the likes of Collie Buddz, Stick Figure, The Movement, and many other prominent artists.

Their last album, Beast From The East, is proof positive that Brandon, Wolfie, Chad and T.J. have meshed into a dynamic quartet as the album topped reggae charts, drawing interest from Billboard’s editorial team for their debut in the pole position. With fellow Maryland rocker Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! working on the production, the alchemy was right for their breakthrough release, so naturally they are keeping that intact with their current album, Buzz, while continuing the trend of evolving their sound, always experimenting in bold ways that keeps everything fresh from beginning to end.

Their climb hasn’t always been easy and as Bumpin Uglies have grinded their way to their current place in the music scene, they’ve shown that hard work pays off and by putting your heart and soul into it and by taking risks, you can achieve great things. It’s why they’ve springboarded from The Whiskey in Annapolis (RIP) to slots at major festivals like Firefly, Peachfest, and Reggae Rise Up, and are selling out several markets around the nation. Bumpin Uglies are also proud to have announced the return of their own Headlining Festival, Weekend at Wolfie’s, set for June 11-13, 2020 in Bedford, PA.

As a band they are clearly intent on doing things their own way, it’s how it’s always been done. This philosophy has grown Bumpin Uglies into a prolific music-making beast, has devoted fans tattooing Brandon Hardesty’s poignant lyrics on their bodies and has them growing into a nationally recognized touring headliner. Bumpin Uglies is on fire with no end in site.

Who is Bumpin Uglies?
Brandon Hardesty – Vocals, Guitar
Dave Wolf – Vocals, Bass
TJ Haslett – Drums
Chad Wright – Vocals, Keys, Guitar


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