AZ Roots Artist: 4th Orange (band photo)

Arizona Roots Festival presents from the LBC 4TH AND ORANGE #AZroots #Rawhide #2020!

Long Beach, CA-based pop-reggae outfit 4th & Orange delivers a slice of California coastline to your speakers. Co-founded by longtime friends Garrett Douglas and Chris “DJ Irey” Garcia, the two merge inspiration from...

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AZ Roots Artist: HIRIE

Arizona Roots Festival presents HIRIE #AZroots #Rawhide #2020!

  HIRIE Countless musicians receive gifts from their fans. But the relationship between Trish Jetton, front woman of the pop-reggae act Hirie, and her fans is particularly unique. Their offerings are special: lovingly...

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Fayuca band photo

Arizona Roots Presents Fayuca February 23, 2020 …So excited!

FAYUCA Phoenix, Arizona based, Fayuca, is a Reggae-Rock/ Latino group, fronted by Originating member, Gabo. Their sound shifts through genres while blending modern-reggae melodies with Latin percussion, tied seamlessly by razor guitar riffs...

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Arizona Roots Music Festival poster

Arizona Roots Festival is going to sweep the Riverwalk at Rawhide February 22 – 23, 2020 in Chandler Arizona! It’s Goin Down!!!

It is showtime! Co presenting the show  Relentless Beats& California Roots Music & Arts FestivalArizona Roots festival is going down Saturday, February 22 & Sunday February 23, 2020! The reggae rock artists return...

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AZ Roots Artist: Expanders

Arizona Roots presents THE EXPANDERS Sunday, February 23, 2020 The River Walk @ Rawhide

  THE EXPANDERS The Expanders have come to be known for their vintage “rockers” style of reggae, played in the tradition of classic 1970s Jamaican groups like The Ethiopians, Culture, and The Mighty...

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AZ Roots Artist: Iya Terra (band photo)

Arizona Roots Festival presents Iya Terra #AZroots #Rawhide #2020!

IYA TERRA As the genre of Reggae music continues to evolve, Iya Terra has remained distinguished in both sound and sustenance throughout their five-year journey. Combining messages of traditional Roots music in a...

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AZ Roots Artist: Collie Buddz

Arizona Roots presents Collie Buddz #LOVE & REGGAE Saturday February 22, 2020

COLLIE BUDDZ LOVE & REGGAE Colin Patrick Harper hails from the Bermuda Islands. In the music industry, he is known as the reggae artist Collie Buddz. Buddz was born on August 21, 1984...

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Goldenvoice presents One Love Cali Fest featuring Long Beach Dub Allstars at The SMKFLWR stage 2020! #2020 #Goldenvoice #One Love

Goldenvoice presents One Love Festival featuring Long Beach Dub Allstars on the SMKFLWR stage on Saturday, Februaru 8, 2020, Nice to see them in their hometown, Thank you Goldenvoice &  Long beach Dub...

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AZ Roots Artist: ZeeCeeKeely

Arizona Roots present ZEECEEKEELY Sunday, February 23, 2020!

  ZEECEEKEELY ZeeCeeKeely is an American Reggae band from Tucson Arizona. ZeeCeeKeely was formed by the frontman and the band’s namesake, Zachary C. Keely. Having an extensive musical career through his teens and...

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AZ Roots Artist: Dubbest

Arizona Roots presents SATSANG #LOVE & REGGAE Saturday February 22, 2020

SATSANG A Sanskrit word meaning “in the company of truth.” It’s a beautiful moment when music from the heart and poetry from the soul truly connects with its intended audience. For Satsang lead...

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